How we make money

Completely free to use

Refer Me Happy is completely free to use. You will never have to pay anything to use the site. You can refer people or be referred and there is no charge. If you are being referred to a company then you will obviously need to do whatever is required for the deal, usually this means becoming a customer by placing an order or making a subscription. But at no point will you have to pay us.

So how does the website make money?

Unfortunately by ads. I say unfortunate because I would love to have an ad-free Internet, but the reality is that advertisers pay us to promote their products. By having relevant ads on the site we can make a few pounds once in a while which can go towards the cost of hosting the website.

Some companies approach us directly and advertise on our site. We have some control over the ads but as some of the ads are provided by third party vendors there will be some that appear that we have not pre-screened. Unless mentioned explicity, we don't endorse any of these companies.

We also have affiliate aggreements with some of the companies that have refer-a-friend deals. This means that if you click on these links on, we might make a small commission or a few pennies. This doesn't cost you anything at all. If you prefer you could copy the website address into a new browser window and the net result to you would be the same. We'd rather you click our link of course.

Does the payment influence what deals are available?


So long as the deal meets the criteria (both the referrer and friend get a reward for the deal) we will list it, whether we get payment or not. Also the only time a deal would be removed is if it has expired, or if the company asks for it to be removed from our site (hasn't happened yet). 

Where do the profits go?

The profits go towards the cost of hosting and development of the site, and to pay for the time to source new deals and add them to the site. We're only talking small change at the moment but we would love the site to become big enough to make some serious cash. This would allow us to dedicate even more time to the project and also to contribute to some philanthropic ventures. If you have any suggestions for the site to improve it, we would love to hear from you. Click on the feedback link on the side of the page and let us know.